Fuel Planner for Flight Simulator use

This is a fuel planning tool for Boeing 767-300ER Flight Simulator add-ons. I specially tested it with Level-D's great aircraft model.

The calculations are based one a B767-300ER fuel table with different corrections, standard values and some additional factors.
It is not working like a real calculator cumulating all affects and engine-datas at any time during the flight.

- Calculates Fuel and splits it up to Ctr. and Wing Tanks
Enroute Fuel, Reserve Fuel and Total Fuel)
- Calculates Aircraft Weights
  (Taxi Weight, Takeoff Weight and Landing Weight)

- Toggle Kg and Lbs for Weight input and output

Calculation is based on:
- Aircraft Weight incl. Payload
- Cruising Altitude
- Trip Distance
- Wind
- Reserve Fuel
- Cost Index


Distances up to 2.500 NM and a Cruising Alt. from FL 240 to FL380:
- max. 1.000 Kg or 2.205 Lbs comparing to FMC calculation
Distances over 2.500 NM or Cruising Alt. below FL 240:
- max.
3.000 Kg or 6.615 Lbs comparing to the FMC calculation

Note: Software built in MS Visual Studio 2005 needs a MS Windows componente called NET.Framework 2.0.


Download the 763FP Setup File from the download area
Run the setup.exe, for auto install - If you dont have NET.Framework 2.0 on your Computer it will be installed atomatically!

In case of problems during installation process or if you dont want to use the installer, make a manual installation.

NET.framework 2.0 if you havent in your PC yet from the MS website and download the 763FP.exe file instead of 763FP.setup. Copy it to any location you want.

In case of an Error during installation:
I recomand using Internet Explorer for downloading
- Check Firewall and Anti-Virus software settings



Actual Version Infos:

Version: 1.1
Uploaded: March 18. 2006

Improofements to previous Version:
- Tool provided as .exe File
- Increase of accuracy in Enroute Fuel
- Correction in calculating Reserve Fuel
- Cost Index included in calculation
- Partitioning of Fuel to Tanks

Download Area:

Download 763FPsetup.exe
Download 763FPsetup.exe

Download 763FP File only
Download 763FP.exe

For Flight Simulator use only!


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- Smartcockpit.com
- Opencockpits
- 767-cockpit.de

- That's Sailing Yachtcharter
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